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Qwearing the Collection explores how a queer perspective can be used to change the experience of the museum and the art on display in it, therefore provoking further thought and analysis from the visitors. Using the term queer in its broad sense of otherness and fluidity allows us to analyse any cultural archive from an intersectional standpoint, and shedding new light into the white cube.


Qwearing the Collection consists of two main elements. Firstly the questioning of relevant artworks and situations of the main art collection which is displayed on five informative garments. Secondly an introduction and contextualisation of the queer terms that are used in the enquiry which can be found and investigated on the scarfs. They both merge in the experience where the audience is invited to browse through the collection wearing these of informative garments.


Accessing the information on the garments involves reading text and imagery from ones own body as well as the surrounding bodys partaking in the experience. This alters the performativity of the exhibition space and renegotiates the relation between the wearing and the non-wearing visitors.


This project is a graduation project by Olle Lundin from the department Man and Communication at Design Academy Eindhoven in association with Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and in collaboration with  sociologist Alice Venir.

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