Between Being, 2017
Three screens, software

Commissioned work for Tent Galleries, Rotterdam for the exhibition 'Among other things, I've taken up smoking'.


This interactive work researches the queer community's use of hashtags in online environments. Between Being is an interface that shows new combinations of data in response to a body standing before it. The hashtags come from an online platform where users identify with these categories as a means to represent themselves or to support each other. We use language and categorisations to give meaning to the world and to communicate about ourselves and others. In today’s digital environments, social categories are rapidly re-interpreted, challenged, and shared. Lundin sees this as a space where fixed definitions become fluid. It is here, at the cloudy demarcation of a concept, that there is space for new vocabularies, for unidentifying ourselves and for understanding others.



This project was developed in collaboration with Eric Vlemmix.

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